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Programs and Pricing from Success Meals KC

Programs Information

At Success Meals KC™, we understand the difficulties of balancing your career and home life while still giving your body the attention it deserves and needs. We have several plans that match your lifestyle and family. Including a plan for Kids!

Success Meals 12-week “Signature” Program
Our signature program provides today’s “on the go” individuals with a healthy and convenient meal alternative.  Clients receive a daily delivery of 5 freshly prepared meals each custom-tailored to meet their specific dietary needs, individual objectives and food preferences. The customization and convenience of this program makes improved health and steady weight-loss both effortless and enjoyable.

Success Meals “Couples” Program
A 12-week full-service, fully customized program for couples. Studies show that success rates more than double when two people work towards the same goals together.  The motivation and support each provide the other, coupled with not having the temptation of having to cook or be around the unhealthy meals of a spouse make the couple’s program one of the easiest, enjoyable, and result producing programs we offer.
*Both participants must reside at the same address and do 12-week programs concurrently.

Success Meals “24/12” Program
The “24/12” is a 36-week (buy 24-weeks, receive an additional 12-weeks free) “lifestyle” program designed to achieve a complete mind, body, and health transformation. By the conclusion of the program clients have become well-versed on proper nutrition and, more importantly become accustomed to a structured dietary regimen enabling them to establish healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Success Meals “for Kids” Program
As a result of the highly processed, nutritionally devoid, convenience meals today’s children are overfed and undernourished. Consequently, we’re seeing 10 times the diet-related –and preventable- diseases in today’s youth than we were just 20 years ago. With the Success Meals for kids program you can provide your children with meals that are healthy, convenient, and “kid approved”.
*Program provides 4 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Children must be between the ages of 3 and 13.

Success Meals “for Kids” LUNCH BOX

Success Meals for Kids LUNCH BOX meqls provide a healthy and delicious solution for well balanced and nutritious lunches for kids.  As parents, we know the only way our children will retain the benefits from a healthy meal is if they actually eat it.  The premise of this, and all Success Meals KC programs is that "our meals are synonymous with great taste".  This makes eating what it should be - enjoyable!

*Our fresh "All Natural" cold lunch option is created especially for Children 3 to 12 years old.  Each individual meal is created with all the best ingredients available and packaged in clear recycled containers.

Success Meals “Rewards” Program
Motivation is key to achieving your weight-loss objectives, if you lose your motivation, your commitment and resolve will soon follow. The Rewards program helps to increase and preserve your motivation by establishing accrued weight-loss benchmarks incrementally throughout your program then rewarding you, with FREE weeks of Success Meals, each time you achieve a targeted goal. The greater your weight-loss, the greater your reward!

Rewards Program Accrual Chart

Receive 1 free week for every 5lbs lost throughout weeks 1 – 3
Receive 1 free week for every 4lbs lost throughout weeks 4 – 6
Receive 1 free week for every 2lbs lost throughout weeks 7 – 12

Programs Pricing Chart

“for Kids”
$208.88 per week
$187.50 per week per person
$125 per week
$125 per week

$7.00 per meal
Call for Pricing
Pricing based on amount of accrued weight loss

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