How does Success Meals KC™ compare with other meal delivery programs?

Delivered fresh daily -Most programs deliver meals weekly or even monthly, Success Meals KC, a local company, prepares and delivers your meals fresh daily, this ensures that you will never receive pre-packaged meals that have been infused with chemicals and preservatives to extend the shelf life.

Tailored to your specific dietary needs -While most diet-delivery programs provide only three or four caloric options, leaving you to choose the one you think might work best for you, Success Meals KC tailors your meals to meet your precise nutritional needs (calories and ratio of macro-nutrients).

Monitored and Modified –Arguably the most important facet of the program. No matter how good your diet is your body will eventually acclimate causing your progress to come to a screeching halt. Other diet-programs provide you with one caloric option throughout the duration. Success Meals KC monitors your progress weekly and, if at any time your progress begins to wane or becomes static altogether, makes the necessary profile modifications needed to “shock” your body and spike your metabolic output to ensure a continual rate of progression throughout the duration of your program.

What is the average weight-loss?

After the initial week, clients lose an average of one to three pounds a week. Greater weight loss generally occurs during the initial one or two weeks of the diet due the release of subcutaneous water reserves.

Losing more than two or three pounds per week can be detrimental, as additional weight loss often comes at the expense of highly metabolic muscle tissue. Lean muscle is essential for weight loss; in fact, the more muscle you have, the more fat you’re able to burn. Losing weight too quickly will stall your metabolism. When you skip meals or severely restrict caloric intake, you convince your body that it’s starving, and your body begins to shut down its metabolic processes in an attempt to conserve energy and outlast the perceived famine, conserving its fat stores while relinquishing water and lean muscle tissue.

Losing weight gradually is a safe and healthy strategy that helps assure the weight stays off for good.

What if I have to go out of town?

Just tell us which days you will not need your meals and we’ll place your meal delivery “on hold”. These “no delivery” days will then be added onto to the back-end of your program, extending the duration.

What if I’m allergic to, or just don’t like, a particular food?

Success Meals KC provides you with meals tailored to suit your food likes and dislikes. Any food you dislike or are allergic to are omitted from your meals, ensuring that you only receive meals you love.

What if I don’t need to lose weight?

There are countless benefits associated with the Success Meals KC program, weight loss is only one of them. Some clients are satisfied with their present bodyweight yet use Success Meals to improve their body composition (fat-to-muscle ratio). Many clients choose Success Meals simply because of the convenience and time it saves them. Other reasons for choosing Success Meals KC are; improved health, greater energy, better mental clarity, disease prevention.

What if I’m hungry?

Your meal plan is designed to fit your lifestyle and meet your predetermined objectives. If you find yourself struggling with hunger revisions will be made to your profile. Optimal nutrition should never be a “white knuckle” endeavor. Being hungry or full are indications that your dietary needs are not being met.

What if I’m not hungry?

Success Meals KC™ is based on “eating” to lose weight -or body fat. Food is more than just a means of satisfying hunger, food transforms into pure energy to fuel all body functions. It may sound like a cliché, but the human body functions much like a high-performance vehicle: it requires premium fuel and precision tuning to reach its full potential. Providing low-quality fuel will not only severely limit performance in the short term, but will also clog the injection system and “damage” the engine in the longer run. But, when you provide your body with a steady supply of high quality nutrients you’ll create an optimal environment for building muscle, burning fat, enhancing energy levels and improving your overall health and well-being.

How are the meals heated?

Every Success Meals KC™ meal is conveniently packaged in a microwaveable container. Though heating times and temperatures may vary, meals should be heated from one to three minutes. Remove lid to avoid dangerous steam build up.

Are your containers eco-friendly?

With a trend towards ethical consumerism, Success Meals KC™ is meeting the needs of eco-conscious clients with sustainable, functional and recyclable meal containers.

Manufactured adhering to strict North American standards and using only FDA and CFIA approved materials, our containers are microwave-dishwasher-freezer safe, certified toxin and BPA-free, and 100% recyclable.

As a result, they meet both the fundamental needs of our clients as well as the need for environmental responsibility.

Do you re-use your meal containers?

The meal containers you receive each day are yours to keep. You may choose to reuse them several times over or recycle them. While it’s perfectly safe to reuse your containers for “personal” uses, we “do not” reuse them for customers.

Over time repeated usage and washings will begin to break down the containers, and while our containers will not leach any harmful toxins, this degradation can make them more susceptible to germs and bacteria, which could then

migrate into your food.  Because there would be no way for us to regulate how many times the containers have been used we avoid any chance of contamination by not reusing the containers amongst our clients.