The Secret to Successful Weight-Loss

We are here to tell you that you CAN lose weight and keep it off!!  We often see that while most people are able to lose the weight, they’re unable to keep the weight off and within a year’s time they do gain all the lost weight back. And in many cases, more weight is gained than originally lost. So how can you successfully lose weight AND keep it off?

Those who have lost weight and kept it off for more than one year share these four common behaviors: 

  1. They eat a low-calorie, low-fat diet
  2. They are very physically active
  3. They monitor their progress by weighing and taking measurements frequently
  4. And, they eat breakfast

Healthy Diet AND Physical Activity:

To lose weight and keep it off health experts recommend a combination of a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity. According to the National Weight Control Registry, only 10% of people who have lost 30 or more pounds and kept it off for at least one year succeeded using diet alone. Only 1% succeeded using exercise alone. But of those who combined both diet and exercise, a full 89% lost 30 or more pounds and kept it off for at least one year.

In addition to helping to control weight, physical activity decreases the risk of dying from coronary heart disease and reduces the risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, and certain cancers.

Monitoring Progress:

Weighing yourself is a clear way to monitor progress or catch (and nip in the bud) a slow, steady uptick of pounds.  But, don’t take this too literally. You don’t want to make weighing yourself an everyday occurrence, as this may cause the opposite effect and rather than being a highly motivating event … it could cause you to lose motivation and completely throw in the towel!!  It’s fun to step on the scale when you’re succeeding. But what about the times when the numbers are super stubborn and refuse to budge?? It can make you feel like no matter what you do, your progress is at a stand-still.


Eating breakfast every day is not what the average person trying to lose weight does. Most dieters make a weight loss goal and then proceed by getting up the next morning and skipping breakfast. Then, they have a light lunch and by the time they get home at the end of the day they’re starving and end up consuming most of their daily calories… or sabotage their day completely.  Successful dieters know that the body’s metabolism is highest in the morning and slowly declines as the day progresses. As a result, they consume the majority of their daily calories in the first half of the day taking advantage of their heightened metabolism and the ability to burn off those calories throughout the latter half of the day.

The last thing that people who achieve success at weight-loss know…

They accept the fact that there are NO SHORT CUTS!! True, there are tons of fad diets that may cause you to lose weight, but few if any prepare you for the task of maintaining your weight reduction once the weight is lost. Long term weight control requires the adoption of long-term healthy eating habits. It requires making healthy eating a lifestyle.


You don’t need to become a nutritionist or a health food nut to have a lean, strong, healthy body. The ultimate – and doable – goal is to eat well 80% of the time. Unfortunately, most people do just the opposite; they eat healthy 20% of the time and unhealthy 80% of the time. Success Meals, can make the healthy eating part simple by offering home delivered meals for weight loss that are customized to your preferences and goals!

All of your decisions and indecisions, your actions and inactions, have added up to create the body, health and life you know now. If you want things to be different in the future, you’ll have to start making different decisions in the present. When they say the future is now – it is. What you eat NOW affects how you’ll feel tomorrow… and next month… and next year.

We hope we will live a long life, but that we’ll also be “blessed” with good health so we’re able to enjoy our years here on earth. While you don’t have control over everything, you do have control over your health. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, you can take the first step to ensure your health is not a roll of the dice, a card from the deck or a random set of numbers on a lottery ticket. By investing time in nourishing your mind and body, you’re virtually investing in a sure thing.  Healthy eating pays back extraordinary dividends in terms of enhanced health and energy and subsequent increases in performance and productivity. In addition, a healthy lifestyle further distances you from the vulnerability to the diet related chronic diseases that plaque today’s society.

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Remember… Life is for living and food is the fuel designed to help us, not hinder us

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