Learn the Solution to Your New Year’s Resolution – Setting & Achieving Realistic Goals

Most of us are familiar with “diet cycling” and know that January 1st of any year means new goals! We make big plans to “LOSE WEIGHT”!!   We say things such as, “By Easter I’ll be able to wear my favorite pair of blue jeans”, “By summer I’ll be 30 pounds lighter and feel confident in my bathing suit while down at the lake”, and “By next year I’ll be at my ideal body weight and finally be able to scratch “weight loss” off of my goal list!”

During my years as a personal trainer I saw more New Year’s resolutions than I care to admit. These resolution makers would adhere tenaciously to their fad diet. They became committed to taking their “on trend” supplements at scheduled times throughout the day and they often exercised excessively every day after work; it was sheer will power in action.  The problem is, this “all or nothing” approach to fitness and weight loss doesn’t usually work.

Statistically this New Year’s resolution motivation lasts anywhere from one day to three weeks.  It’s at that point that the rice cakes, celery sticks and arduous exercise routine is often abandoned for a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and a night on the couch watching reruns on Netflix.  There’s a possibility that some of you experienced similar scenarios throughout your past new years resolutions, if so, you may recollect that this lack of discipline, leads to more disappointment in ones’ self and maybe even a resolve to give it another try and start fresh February 1st.

 What’s wrong with this approach?

 Our bodies were not designed for such intense abuse and given a period of time our bodies will rebel and cause us to regain every painstaking lost pound. This approach is restrictive, depriving, unrealistic, short term and just plain NOT FUN!  Who wants to eat a cup of broccoli, then go to the gym and perform 60 minutes of hard aerobics followed by a half dozen carrot sticks and maybe a can of tuna fish?  Most people give up relatively quick out of sheer survival. However, the problem starts when instead of switching to a  “moderation” approach for their eating and exercise they go and consume huge portions of food, the types of food in which they had deprived themselves of the past two or three weeks.  And to compound this pig-out fest they do zero exercise!  Can you guess what happens next?  This one step forward two step back approach to weight loss more often then not, leads to more weight gain than was originally lost.

How does one get off this cycle?

 Put it on Paper – First, sit down with a clean sheet of paper and a pen.  Draw columns from the top of your paper to the bottom and between each column list all the things, related to meeting your objective, in which you can improve upon.  Make a self promise to begin keeping track of all the items you’ve listed.  Your exercise regimen (cardio and resistance training if applicable).  Your daily water intake.  Your sleeping patterns.  Your free day eating regimen, and any other healthy and unhealthy habits you may have.  Doing this will give you an overall picture of your current health and fitness habits.

After making a list of all the things in which you can improve upon which, as a result, will enhance your health and well-being, not to mention, expedite your progress, assess which of these items needs the most work?


  • Are you exercising too little or not at all?


  • Are you not staying properly hydrated (you should be drinking half your body weight, in ounces, of water each day)?


  • Are you over indulging on your free day (i.e. eating too much per meal and only when you’re hungry)?


  • Are you snacking on “unauthorized” foods late at night?


  • Are you getting less than the required eight hours of sleep each night?

Write down what you think might be potential problem areas that are keeping you from getting the most out of your 12-week weight loss endeavor.  Then put together a fresh list of important goals. Take one or two areas from the list in which you just made, that you consider realistic for you to achieve.  Maybe you want to get your free day eating habits under control, quit smoking or increase your cardio regimen from 3 days a week to 5 days a week.  What kind of results do you think that you would see by making these changes?  You might just be surprised.  Small changes equal big results!!  I’ve seen people decrease their soda intake from 5 sodas per day to 1 soda day per day and within a couple of weeks they had lost weight.  Some people simply implemented drinking the required amount of water their body needed to stay adequately hydrated each day and simply stopped using table salt on their food, and what do you know… they start losing weight!  It’s amazing how our body responds to moderate, gradual changes.

Remember, your body is resistant to sudden weight loss. When you make drastic and sudden changes in your lifestyle such as excessively restricting calories your body believes that you’re experiencing a famine and therefore, will do everything it can to stop this process and preserve your present bodyweight.  But do know that your body does want to be lean and healthy!  It is counterproductive to carry excess weight.  However to convince your Body to let go of this “extra” weight you must incorporate small, gradual changes.  Slow but sure modifications are welcomed by your body and instead of working against you, your body will work with you.

Recruit a Health Partner- Try recruiting a “health partner.”  Someone to keep you accountable and who can help make the process more fun. This can be your spouse, a co-worker or a close friend.  This person’s must be someone who is capable of motivating you, someone who will keep you accountable, and someone who won’t sugarcoat things just to make you feel good.

Go See the Doc– When is the last time you had a thorough physical exam? Consider calling your primary care physician and making an appointment for your annual physical.  Have them do a blood chemistry analysis, including thyroid and hormone levels as well as check your cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL’s.

Hire a Personal Trainer– Something else to think about is hiring the expertise of a personal trainer.  Someone who can help you put together a realistic exercise program, one designed with your goals in mind.  A good trainer can get you motivated and guarantee that you’re performing the exercises correctly. Make sure and ask your trainer about their credentials.

See a Dietitian or Nutritionist– Finally, and most importantly, if you’ve struggled with food cravings and binges your entire life, you should consider making an appointment to see a registered dietitian.  These professionals can look over your eating habits and help identify what areas you need to focus on.  He or she can pick up on emotional reasons for your excess weight and provide you with strategies to replace the need to binge or over indulge on unhealthy foods. You can also consult with one of our nutritionists at Success Meals KC and we can customize a plan for you or work with the plan your dietician has recommended to ensure you reach your weight-loss goals.

Make Realistic Goals– To make a lasting change, you must focus on small, realistic goals, patiently make steady progress and always continue to implement new goals and improve upon current ones.

However you decide to approach the New Year or even tomorrow, remember these two things:

Your body wants to be lean and healthy.

 Your health is in your own hands.


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