Explaining the Word Committment

These days it’s a necessity to explain the word “commitment”.

In the age of a 60% divorce rate, kids quitting school at a record rate, and a nation that says “when the going gets tough… quit”, it becomes quite obvious that many do not understand or practice commitment in any aspect of their lives.  That is tragic… and that attitude will destroy ANY possible chance of success in your life.

What is commitment?  What does “commitment” mean?

Have you ever heard the breakfast analogy using eggs and bacon to describe commitment?  Think about what’s involved in this breakfast.  Certainly the chicken was involved in this breakfast, but the pig was COMMITTED!!!

Commitment means that you don’t quit because things start getting tough.  You don’t stop exercising because it begins to burn a little.  You don’t blow off a workout session because you want to get an extra hour of sleep.  You don’t quit this program after two weeks because you’re not Mr. or Miss Fitness (yet).  You make a commitment to yourself to stick with it until you’ve reached your objective.

What have you got to lose by making a commitment to better yourself?

Chances are you’ve been in a rut for years.  Change now, vow to commit yourself to your goal or risk being stuck in this no-progress rut forever!

Many of you reading this right now may have just committed to a healthier diet, or our meal delivery program, and are saying to yourself, “No problem!  I’m motivated!   I’m excited and eager to make a change for the better!”  This is great however, keep in mind that we’re all highly motivated when we first begin something new. But, the rubber can meet the road when this program isn’t new and exciting anymore, when it becomes tough and uncomfortable.  When you’re able to keep pushing yourself and staying consistent, you’ll achieve more than just a new, leaner, stronger body.  You’ll achieve a greater sense of self-esteem, a stronger faith in yourself and a better attitude.  It’s been my experience that when things get the toughest, when you feel like giving up, success is usually just around the corner.  If you quit too soon you will rob yourself of the success that is within inches of your grasp.  Those who have the guts to keep going through the disappointments, trials, pain, and setbacks always achieve the big successes in life. It is a guaranteed law of the universe.

Those who quit when the going gets tough never accomplish anything.

If you end up quitting or stop giving this program 100 percent, then welcome to mediocrity.  Chances are you’ll end up one of the 67 percent of Americans who are overweight or obese, knocking on the door of chronic illnesses such as, coronary heart disease, various cancers, eating disorders, depression and the most predominant, Type II diabetes.

If you’ve tried to lose weight and improve your health in the past, but never successfully finished, then choose to change your outcome right now. You have the capacity to change.  You were engineered for success, designed for accomplishment, and endowed with the potential to be great.  You can achieve any goal that you set your mind to. Napoleon Hill, states in his book, Think and Grow Rich, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Without a wholehearted commitment to the things that are important to you, all the books, fat-burning pills, personal trainers, and diets won’t get you to the finish line.

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