Why We’re Different

  • 100% fresh foods, 100% made from scratch.healthy meal delivery kansas city vegetables
    Many other meal delivery companies sell only frozen meals. Others like to throw in a processed bar and call it a meal. Success Meals KC is 100% fresh and prepared from scratch- 100% of the time. All of our meals follow our Healthy Eating Guarantee.
  • Fresh and Delicious meals customized for you.
    Each day you’ll receive an entire days worth of meals and snacks that have been custom-tailored specifically for you. From the calories, macronutrient ratios and types of food your meals are 100% customized to your lifestyle, likes and dislikes and your individual goals.
  • We’re in control of “all” of your calories.
    Unlike many other diet delivery companies Success Meals KC provides you with “all” of your daily calories. This not only alleviates any unnecessary shopping and cooking but, allows Success Meals to accurately make the profile adjustments necessary to ensure the success of your diet from the beginning to the end.
  • Stay in touch.
    All throughout your program you have continuous access to our team of wellness and dietary experts who are here to make sure that your experience with Success Meals KC is a successful and enjoyable one.
  • We help you achieve – and more importantly, maintain – your ideal weight.
    We’re proud of how many people have been able to achieve their ideal weight and get in great shape by eating well with Success Meals KC. But we’re even more proud of how many people maintain their ideal weight over the long term. Why? Our meals are well balanced with portions tailored to you and designed to keep you satisfied.
  • But we’re not just a diet company.
    Our customers never think of us as just a diet company because “diet” implies a temporary, unwelcome sacrifice. Rather, we’re a lifestyle company. Eating well is one of the most fundamental lifestyle choices you’ll ever make with benefits that last as long as life itself.